I am an avid music collector and have a collection of music spanning across several genres and formats, from cassettes to vinyl. I decided one day to start scanning and sharing my collection, specifically my Visual Kei collection. I know it can be hard for fans of this music to buy CDs and so I decided to start scanning and sharing them. Instead of uploading to various communities across the Internet, I decided to simply make a web site to host them all on so that they can be in one easy to find place.

Right now the site focuses exclusively on older bands but I also buy material from newer bands and may put scans up for them in the future.


I could write a long and boring biography about myself but I'll just keep it short and simple. I go by a handful of Internet names and you can find me on the sites listed below. Feel free to add me and send me a message, always happy to chat with those that share same interest in music. I don't limit myself to just Visual Kei and I enjoy many other genres of music. Aside from that I illustrate and I do accounting / finance related work.

Last.fm /Twitter /Tumblr

Like Arith's little bio, I'll keep mine short. I, too, am a collector of Japanese music and would like to share scans with the net. I hope to provide some qualtiy updates here and preserve history that would have been otherwise lost if sites like this, JaME, Monochrome Heaven, Grass Thread, etc, did not exist. I am a web developer by profession, so I hope to bring some nice updates here as well as stellar content. I used to run a review blog and am currently revamping an old fansite I used to have. Most of the Jrock I own is older, but I do keep up with some current bands that I hope to share with ZombiexJuice.Here are some of my social media links in case you need to get in contact with me.

Last.fm / Twitter / Tumblr