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Happy Halloween!

  • Hueye - Anesthesia
  • Hueye - Rousoku to Blackout
  • Blue-B - Tears
  • Blast - Downer of World
  • Missa - Akai Ito
  • Ru:Natic - Teacher Mary B
  • Mucc - Kokoro no Nai Machi

x Updates

  • Aile - White Feather
  • S - Ichinensei
  • Eldorado - Birth
  • Candy - Better Than Nothing
  • Candy - Love Emotion

x Updates


I temporarily lost access to PhotoShop due to switching jobs, which meant I could still scan content but not edit them to a quality I would find acceptible. A few weeks ago, I bought a subscription to that service (smh Adobe is so expensive) and now we are back in business!

This update has a lot of Shulla items in it, as well as some other early 2000's goodies. I won these items at an auction from RarezHut.

  • Shulla - Itazura
  • Shulla - Yukue Fumei
  • Shulla - Nigehikou (2nd Press)
  • Shulla - Shura
  • Shulla - Prism (type A)
  • Shulla - Furare Hanabi
  • Charlotte - Yokohama Lovestory 2
  • Omnibus - Nonstandard File
  • Shiver - Hysterical-link


x Updates


This may be my last update for a little while. I am switching jobs and might lose access to Photoshop. I don't need that application to edit, but it certainly makes editing easier and batching the thumbnail generation possible.

  • D - Ouka Sakisome ni Keri
  • Brother - Yume Kaika
  • Trust - Betray
  • The Studs - A no Oto
  • Paradeis - Senjou to Rakuen
  • Mix Speakers, Inc. - It's A Dream World
  • Hana Shounen Baddies - Banana

x Updates


Hope you're enjoying quarantine!!!!!! This batch of updates is actually much bigger than this list, as I also scanned and edited close to 30 flyers. You can find them at under bands like Screw, Ivys, and LiZ

  • Blüe - Misty
  • Cocklobin - Grisaille
  • Omnibus - Tribute to Phantasmagoria
  • ReaLieS - LiNE

x Updates

  • wyse - Perfume
  • Virge - Watashi no Warui Kuse / Hakuchuumu
  • Attic - Mechanical Ugly Gang
  • Secile - Hospital Gate
  • Guy's Family - San Centi
  • Jully - Sora ga Ochita Hi
  • Watashime Slug - Juuryoku
  • Penicillin - Kowloon Head
  • Luca - Glare
  • Shulla - 3 Releases


x Updates

  • Kisaki Project - Shouzou ~in the cradle~
  • Yamitera - Menhera Bokumetsu
  • Pentagon - Call me...
  • Panic Channel - Ishin
  • Shulla - Shirokuro Sekai

x Updates

  • Hueye - Yasashiku Koroshite
  • Raku x Gaki - Chu Chu Cherry Vampire (both types)
  • R'evolv - Neo Voice
  • Verxina - Kyouten

x Updates


First day of summer~. Been sitting on these edits for a while, but just hadn't had time to actually edit the HTML of this site to share them.

  • Since1889 - Gaula
  • Dog in the PWO - Black Bulldog / Labrador Orchestra
  • Hope - F-forte-
  • Omnibus - Agitation Clysis~Reckless~
  • Zuck - Monster
  • Baelscope - Borderless
  • Sendai Kamotsu - Gei School Otokogumi!!

x Updates


Spring is almost here! I've been trying out some new editing techniques to help reduce the artifacts produced in an image when enlarged via scanning. Please let me know on @Twitter if you like how this style looks!

  • MATHILDA (マチルダ) - キセキニイル (KISEKI NI IRU)
  • Missa (弥叉) - Trust
  • Missa (弥叉) - 血ニ血ニ飢ワレ (Chi NI Chi NI UWARE)
  • Trust - Happybox

x Updates


Happy Valentine's Day! 💋💋 Here's an update for you:

  • Endorphine - Brainchild
  • Litchi ☆ Hikari Club (ライチ☆光クラブ) - 光ノ帝國 / Hikari NO Teikoku
  • Marco (マルコ) - 穴二つ 般若盤 (Ana Futatsu (Hannya-ban))
  • Marco (マルコ) - 穴二つ おかめ盤 (Ana Futatsu (Okame-ban))
  • Marco (マルコ) - 近代ブラック (Kindai BLACK)
  • Pierrot - DICTATORS CIRCUS-奇術的旋律- (DICTATORS CIRCUS‐Kijutsu-teki Senritsu‐)

x MEGA Updates


Big update today...

  • Grieva - 7 CDs
  • Kalen - Reset ~A Revolving Lantern~
  • Melusine
  • Penicillin - God of Grind
  • Phobia - ビン詰めのグロテスクなリドラー / BIN Tsume no GROTESQUE-na RIDDLER
  • Yukari from Baiser - 占星暦 Ge Shu〜夏・秋〜 / Sensei Koyomi Ge Shu ~Natsu・Aki~

x Updates


I've started doing editing on my commute into work, since it is a 45 minute train ride with minimal cell service. Trying to make the best use of my time, so it doesn't feel wasted. As a result, that probably means I'm going to be updating more frequently.

  • Grieva - Oni TO Kage
  • Gossip- Smell of skin
  • Rentrer en Soi - Sphire Croid

x Updates


Happy new year! Here is a small update for you.

  • Dollis Marry - Prizm ~The Best of Dollis Marry~
  • Gossip-ゴシップ- -「親愛なる鬼畜サイコ野郎(終身)」
  • Penicillin - Missing Link


x Updates


Inspiration apparently only strikes around this time of year. I have had a backlog of scans to edit, plus edited a bunch more this past week.

Today's updates include:

  • Omnibus - Love Century Pub 2002
  • Omnibus - Kreis/Tokyo
  • Jakura - 「Jubaku to Iu Hiiro no Mai」
  • Bron:ze - Charge
  • Bron:ze - Supplies...
  • Lamiel - Aka
  • Lamiel - Kuro
  • Eye For You - Eye For You
  • La'royque'de zavy - Rha’s Al Ghûl Gorgoneion
  • Misery - 「Shikoushougai NO Boku・・・×××?」


x Updates


Two updates in 2 weeks?? Adding some more scans. I'm trying to do batches of 5~6 CDs a go, and hopefully by mid next year I'll have my whole collection up here (my opened CDs, that is).

Today's updates include:

  • Gackt - Secret Garden
  • Mar'derayla - Kiseki...ring
  • Mar'derayla -
  • Omnibus - Kakumei~Voice of Rebirth~
  • R'ose - Always

x Updates


Updates haven't been happening super often because for a while, I was without a scanner. I just got a new one, and have access to Photoshop at work, so I plan on finally getting more of my collection up on here for people to enjoy. That being said, I did push a few updates through and didn't update this listing here.

Today's updates include:

  • Gossip - Newborn (s)
  • Cuartet - Deep Bonds of Ogre (s)
  • Cuartet - R~Forbidden Phase~ (s)
  • Cuartet - Lukewarm (s)
  • Cuartet - コロシ愛 (s)
  • Cuartet - Sphere (s)
  • Cuartet - 花咲かせ行進曲 (s)

Be sure to follow me on Twitter as well for occasional updates and random sharings related to visual-kei: @ZombieXJuice!

x Revival


Well, it has been over a year since I've lasted updated. I haven't really had the time to do a whole lot with the site for many reasons, as 2016 was an incredibly busy year for me in my personal life, but the past few weeks I've gotten back into it. My biggest change is that I've added icons for all of the scans -- this was no small feat, as there were a lot to go through! Now, each artist is broken up by release and features a small preview image of what the underlying image is. I've also added a few more CDs to the roster that I had edited months ago, but just never got around to putting up. I believe there is another 1 or 2 CDs still floating around in cyber space that I need to piece together here for you guys.

Additionally, I've added Google Analytics to each page. Just curious to see what kind of traffic I'll generate once I start promoting and updating more often. (I always say that each update and it never happens lmao). Speaking of which--I no longer have a scanner, so adding scans is going to be difficult, if not impossible, until I get a new one. I could start accepting other contributions, but I have never had anyone reach out to me asking to share their content. Since I don't want to never update again, I may start contributing more lyrics since I can do that without needing additional hardware.

I have also set up a Twitter account for this site, where I will post more frequent updates. Please be sure to follow @ZombieXJuice!


x Update


Finally got around to doing an update! I had some scans done a while ago but never posted or edited them, and I just did a ton of scans yesterday. This update brings you CDs from D'espairsRay, E'm~Grief~, Orgel, Shazna, and Gokiburi! There's also been an effort into organizing some of the old content--I've been trying my best to label things correctly, but there have been many times where I'm not quite sure what release things come from of what people's names are. If there are any mistakes, please contact me. Additionally, I keep buying CDs, so the new content will be coming for quite some time. It will be a mix of new and old stuff, so remember to check back every so often!

x Update


Been scanning like crazy: I have scanned most of my demotapes and added them to the images page. This includes updates and additions to: Aliene Ma'riage, Das:Vasser, Misery, Weeds Of', Laybial, Syndrome, -Phantom-, Flare, Fer;rite, ewig≒zait, ФFlairФ, Eze:queL, 螺旋, and Luna de Miel. Phew!

Let me know what you think: I apologize that some images are fairly blurry, but that is because they're quite small in real life and were not meant to be viewed at such a large size when printed. Also, a lot of tapes use really low quality ink and paper and that becomes much more apparent when holding a physical copy instead of viewing a digital source file for the album art.

x Update | Introduction | Restart


Hello hello hello! After almost 3 years, Zombie Juice is finally getting an update in more ways than one! To start, the site is now hosted on by Inartistic on the same server as his current anything-Kisaki-related encyclopedia We Love UCP. This doesn't really affect you, as a viewer, but the url has changed to be called image-complex. What it does mean, though, is that this site won't go down because someone forgot to pay for her domain! Secondly, as you've probably noticed, Arithmetica hasn't really had the time to add to this site like she used to. As of January of this year, she has passed along ownership of updates to me, Seraphim. Now, I'm sure she'll add something new someday, but she's usually preoccupided with things more important than bad Japanese rock bands that sold 15 cds in 6 months (like her comic career: check that out here). And lastly, I am currently giving this site a bit of a markup facelift. There may be a few style changes here and there, but I don't plan on changing much in terms of the overall look and feel so much as making the code to display the site a bit more modern. With that is a planned overhaul of the scans page so it is a little more organized, and of course, more content.

Thus far, I've added scans for the cds / tapes / flyers I own from グリーヴァ, Deadly Sanctuary, and Kar'MariA. I'm also working on adding some more stuff from 凛 -the end of corruption world-, but a lot of things I own by them are unopened. I have a few other CDs like that as well (such as Versailles' Jubilee, for example). I hope my scans are of high quality and are legible! I try my best to edit them afterwards in Photoshop to get rid of the dust and color correct as needed.


x Update


I like how it has been over a year since I have updated! I admit I have abandoned my project to scan everything I own and quit my old secret project, I just don't have as much free time and my interest has dwindled. Instead I am focusing on somethng completely unrelated to music. I still have some cool items I want to scan but perhaps another time. I'm still pretty active on the Internet so come on by and say hi!


x Scans


Hello! Just a small update! I added some Cuartet photos! Check it out! It's from a photoset I recently acquired and they're pretty cool! Next week Ru:natic's and Vallquar's new releases come out, did anyone else order them? I ordered my Ru:natic single from the webshop and thinking of adding a photoset to my order!

x Scans


I'm still thinking out my secret plans for my big 2011 update. However with the rate I am going at, I don't think my big 2011 update will happen until 2012 LOL! However to keep things active I have a small scan update! I scanned the mini album Aftergrow from the band Mars. It comes with a booklet with some impressive shots of the band members! Very cool! Please take a look! What do you think?

x Update


Hello! It is now 2011! How has the new year been for you? Did anyone buy the new Vasalla CD RISE OF INSANITY? I know the dollar is doing very poorly against the Yen but it's very good! I'm glad they're having this short revival! In any case I have been very busy and I know I haven't had any updates since summer! :-( However I have big plans for 2011! Look forward to some more updates!


x Scans


Hello! Hello! Time for another small update! Qliffot sent me more lyrics for the remaining Eliphas Levi songs but I will have those up by the end of the week. August is a very eventful month for me!

I will do my best to keep up with my little site! I have so much to scan!

That's not even half of what I need to scan! D: I want to share this all with everyone! So in the mean time, here is a quick update with some VELVET EDEN scans! You can tell these where printed off of someone's home computer or went through the local mini mart's Xerox machine. It's cute! I am not a very big VELVET EDEN fan but I did really enjoy the new song from their PV on their Myspace. Maybe I'll keep an eye on them more. Are you a big VELVET EDEN fan? Anyway, please take a look!

x Lyrics


Hello! It's been awhile since I've done an update. I still have a lot of material pending to be scanned but I just don't have a lot of time at the moment. Lots of demo tapes and some really cool KEY PARTY omnibuses!! However Qliffot was nice enough to provide romaji and Japanese lyrics from Eliphas Levi's first album リデルの赤い書物 and for 華麗なるDの惨劇! Thank you so much! If you have never listened to Eliphas Levi I highly suggest it, they're a very cool band with wonderful music. Please check out the lyric section and thank you again Qliffot for all your hard work!

There is also a small update in the links section under Fan Sites. I did not plan to link blogs but I decided to link two that do their best to stand out from other blogs on the web :)

x Images


I hope all is going well for most of you out there. I decided to scan and upload an Omnibus of mine called L.S.D. It was released in 1993 and features ten different bands. D:E:A:D, KILL=SLAYD, Little Vampire, HYSTERIC, VILE, サムライ・ブロンディーズ, 黒蝪蝶, E.G.O, SAKRUN and MELTING POT. Enjoy! :)

x Images


Today it's FÉRIA, Chateau La Tour and Verfe~gorl! I use to be a really big Yuga fan and really adored DEViL KiTTY but I've found now that these days I prefer Chateau La Tour over DEViL KiTTY. I also included the slip inside the CD case from the Chateau singles, not as much text and maybe someone out there would want them. Now I need to decide if I want to take apart this old Shoxx magazine...

x Images


More La'Mule?? Yep! I scanned my 結界~ガラス神経ト自我境界~ (Kekkai ~ Garasu Shinkei To Jigakyoukai~) photobook. Check it out! :D

x Images


Most have heard by now that KISAKI has started a new band, while I enjoyed Phantasmagoria and a little bit of Syndrome. I really love MIRAGE! Since KISAKI is in the news I thought I would uploaded scans from Risk en Eve and Arcadia. I also uploaded a big batch of La'Mule scans, bunch of stuff from Shoxx, Fool's Mate, Vicious, V-shot etc. Check them out! :D

x Lyrics


Ku continues to be awesome and sent me lyrics for 降臨 (Kourin) from Aliene Maφriage, check it out! I also upped some Madeth gray'll and emmurée scans.

x Images and Lyrics


New scans have been uploaded. I had difficulties scanning Ma'ria from Aliene Maφriage, the images of the members are printed on glossy material and it doesn't come out well. I don't know if it did damage to my scanner (laughs)! But I did scan the inside with the lyrics. Aliene Maφriage had such over the top fun releases. I have also uploaded ケ(兎) (Ke (usagi)) and ト☆キ☆メ☆キ (to*ki*me*ki) from Missalina Rei, along with a nice big batch from Vizell.

Also Ku is awesome and sent me translation for another song from Aliene Maφriage. Go check it out! :D

x Lyrics


Lyrics for Puppet Master from Phobia and BLACK JACK AGE from Aliene Maφriage have been uploaded. Check them out! Lyrics provided by my buddy Ku. Check out her translation blog! I also fixed some links with some pictures in the image gallery.

x Images


43 new scans have been uploaded. Magazines and flyers have proven to be much easier to scan and edit then CD booklets, so just a quick upload of some Vasalla, La'Mule, Phobia and Missalina Rei scans. Check them out! :)

x Website


Second update already? I admit I'm tad bit excited finally launching my scan site. I've done some small minor tweaks to the website and I'm also working on getting more scans up. It's a little daunting! But look forward to more scans from Phobia, Missalina Rei, Aliene Ma'riage, Madeth gray'll, Vizell, Vasalla and La'Mule.



About time eh? This has been an on and off project for sometime now but now it's finally up onto the Internet. I still have quite a bit of my collection that needs to be scanned, in any case please visit the about section for more information. For any comments, questions or if you find any errors send me an email. Thanks!

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