My Japanese isn't at a high enough level to provide lyric translations. I am looking for volunteers that would like to contribute to helping me provide lyrics. They don't even have to be translated and can just be in Japanese, Romaji or English. I try to provide higher resolution scans of lyric pages but I know that I didn't upload lyric pages for everything. If you want to help out or would like to request some lyric scans, then please send me an email!

x Aliene Maφriage
- 降臨 (J/R/E)
- Deadly sin (七つの大罪) (J/R/E)
x Eliphas Levi
- 赤い迷宮 (J/R)
- マロリー夫人の秘やかな欲望 (J/R)
- rebirth (J/R)
- 時計の傷跡 (J/R)
- 懺悔の朝に・・・ (J/R)
- 美しきローゼの十字架 (J/R)
- 華麗なるDの惨劇 (J/R)
x Phobia
- Puppet Master (J/R/E)

Aliene and Phobia lyrics provided by Ku. Check out her translation blog!

Eliphas lyrics provided by Qliffot. Big thanks!